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Color Guard

This is truly a fun and meaningful way to participate in the SAR.  Our on-site support includes events like parades, civic events, and honoring SAR members at their funeral services.  You can participate as much as you feel appropriate.  All are welcome.

What is the SAR Color Guard?

First, the SAR Color Guard is made up of those Compatriots (SAR members) who come to special SAR events properly uniformed as either Continental Soldiers or Militiamen, or attired as Revolution-era clergymen.  Second, these men seek to visibly promote the stated objectives of the SAR which are declared to be Historical, Patriotic and Educational. 

Since its formation in 1989, the NSSAR Color Guard remains the most visible public face of the Sons of the American Revolution. Color Guardsmen provide an easily identifiable and colorful focal point at parades and memorial events. The variety of uniforms and flags invite children, spectators, and potential members to come forward and ask questions about the American Revolution.

How do I obtain a uniform?
There are two types of Color Guard units that can be formed. The first and most recognizable is the Continental Unit. This unit is comprised of the familiar tri-corner hat, blue coat and knee breeches or fall-front trousers identified with the soldiers of the regular army during the Revolution. 

The second type of unit is the Militia Unit. There is no set uniform associated with the Militia. As in the time of the Revolution, the Militia consisted of everyday men who wore the clothes that they wore in normal everyday activity when called to service. As such, there is more leeway in the type of clothing that the Militia Color Guard wears.

These can be hand made or purchased on eBay or through uniform sites. You may want to assemble a uniform that represents your Patriot's unit.

Here are links to businesses that supply uniforms.  These are not endorsed by SAR, we just found them to be excellent to work with.

Is there a cost to be a member?
No, there is no cost other than the initial cost to put the uniform together.

Do I need a musket?
No.  It is a matter of personal preference.  Some choose not have one, others will obtain a non-firing replica and some will want to own a true firing version.  There are special considerations to firing a musket at SAR events.  There is a complete Color Guard manual on the SAR website that details these considerations.

How do I find out more information?
Click HERE and send us your question(s).  We'll be glad to talk with you about this fun and fulfilling experience.